Our Philosophy

All projects are important, all projects are treated the same. We’ve created a lot of content for many different clients in the past and we take pride in each and every project we do. Rest assured that the same amount of attention will always be given to your company’s needs, whether you’re just starting up, or already have offices around the globe.

Many companies do web site development, create online marketing strategies or can send IT technicians to take care of an enterprise’s network. Some of them, like Positive Byte, even do all of those things, so why should you consider us in particular? Well first, we encourage you to contact the competition, talk with them. Nobody’s the best in everything and although we try to be, we recognize that there are many great companies with talented people out there. What we can do however is give you the promise that we’ll give you our 110%, right from the start. We’re dedicated people and we’ve been doing this work all our lives. We can say with great certainty that our clients continue to enjoy working with us and appreciate the quality of our work as well as the time we put into it. The quotes you see on top of every pages of this site are real and there’s no better argument for us to show.

Our Process

We’re very comfortable working and exchanging ideas by email but even so, we generally prefer organizing real-life meetings when starting a new project. This gives us the chance to know more about each other and we’ll better understand your expectations.
Our engagements:

  • We’ll meet with you rapidly to discuss your needs
  • All projects are made by a qualified dedicated team
  • We’ll always find a solution for your budget
  • We prefer fixed price contracts: no surprises for you

Executive Team

Nothing we do in this company could be done without the help of our many programmers, graphic designers, architects, consultants and managers. The key to our success resides in our ability to find the right people for the right job, even when those people are not directly part of our company. Quantity is not quality: our core team stays solid and focused while we interact with the many talents we contract from the province of Quebec and from all around the world.
Cyril Paciullo
Cyril Paciullo


Natural born software developer and used to managing groups of skilled professionals, Cyril personally insures the success of all our projects.

Francine Therrien
Francine Therrien


Chances are you'll interact with Francine one way or another while working with us. She's the one who makes sure everything always runs smoothly.

Aurélien Leduc
Aurélien Leduc


Twenty five years of experience in sales and IT ensures us we'll get the contract while ensuring you'll get the most out of it at the best price.